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    Sean Bean is the fucking man.

    It left out the part where he was defending a female friend from a creep in the fight and how he used a first aid kit to stitch up his own stab wound.

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    Who wants to see a video of me trying to sleep whilst having my male housemate thrusting into my face and whilst also receiving a massage from another man friend who decided it would be hilarious?


  4. Staring at this is kind of soothing..

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    why is it a highway to hell but a staircase to heaven?

    because it takes more effort to be good than to be bad.

    That’s deep, man. Deep as hell.

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    High-Speed photographs of ink dropped into water.

    holy fuck

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  7. Hey if anyone knows anyone needing a website built I build em well for pretty cheap, peace :)


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    I didn’t mean to have you

    u b star and lot of tatoes then kill ur self wierdo

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    This is LS 03. The 3rd large set I ever made. A light pastel violet that gradated to a deeper violet with a bit of gold fleck. Took about 30 hours to put togehter. This set sold at SDCC 13’

    Oh my god

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  11. Show a girl you love her

    by using her name when you snapchat her so she knows its not a mass snapchat


  12. Is it too soon to watch all of game of thrones again


  13. Anonymous said: you are amazing and dazzling and lovely and i hope you meet your favourite celebrity one day

    Lol thanks haha, that’s a pretty awesome compliment :D


  14. It’s weird I feel like I’m falling in love again.

    I barely speak to the girl but she’s like the most amazing person I’ve ever met, she keeps to herself most of the time but she’ll share secrets with me and then drop the subject instantly.
    Like I don’t even know if she’s single at the moment because she’s had a long term boyfriend for ages but they were having problems a lot, I know this because I used to live next door to him at uni and I met her at one of my parties.
    She’s just so fucking cool.

    I don’t know what’s going on but I have missed this feeling.


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    A few funnies I found on Facebook